These multi-media resources delve into the history and current situation in Israel and Palestine. The information is either factual, or analysis and critique from the perspective of democratic values and human rights.

If you find this information useful, please make a contribution to our next film, Jerusalem Revealed, which is being produced during the summer of 2020. All contributions, small and large, are welcome. You will be one the first to view the new film, and there are also other benefits and rewards for early-bird contributors.

MAY 2020

Virtual Tour of Jerusalem, hosted by Yahav Zohar

A scheduled virtual tour can be booked at this link > 
A private virtual tour can be booked at this link >

March 2020
Homeland Insecurity: part one 

JAFFA & TEL AVIV REVEALED, directed and narrated by Yahav Zohar


Coming Soon: September 2020

Homeland Insecurity: part two

JERUSALEM REVEALED,  directed and narrated by Yahav Zohar


and help make this film come to life



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