Briefings and Conversations with Experts

Due to the present lockdown and social distancing rules, no tours can be conducted, but via modern technology you can bring one of our experts into your home for a formal lecture or an informal discussion. This also helps our Palestinian and Israeli Partners and colleagues to earn some needed income.

Whether you want an update on the situation in the Jordan Valley, a summary of the latest home demolitions in Jerusalem, a discussion about the merits of Zionism or Palestinian Nationalism, learn what life is like in Ramallah, or just want to know what it is like to be in the Holy land during the Covid-19 health crisis, then select an expert.

• Private briefing via the internet in your home OR with your guests in remote locations •

Sam Bahour
Writer, Businessman, Activist

imageSam Bahour is a Palestinian-American based in Ramallah and a relentless advocate for Palestinian freedom and self-determination. 

Sam meets frequently with visiting governmental delegations and private missions from Europe and the USA.

Sam is active in Palestinian civil society, and its economy, and serves on numerous boards and committees in the private sector and with NGO/development and non-profit organisations. 
Topics: 20-60 minutes
  1. From Oslo to Trump: How did Palestine/Israel reach this low point?
  2. A strategy of survival: Palestinian economic non-violent resistance.
  3. We all have a role: Third States, the Solidarity community, Palestinian diaspora
  4. Briefing to catch up on current events.
  5. Special requests.
 • from US$85 
Sam Bahour is donating the fee to the Collective.
Yahav Zohar
Senior Partner, Green Olive Collective

imageYahav gives guided tours, lectures and writes, develops new tours, and conducts training seminars for other guides. His recent film, Jaffa and Tel Aviv Revealed has been released, and he is busy now with his second film, about Jerusalem. 

  "If you could just understand Jerusalem", says Yahav, 
"you would understand the world. . . " . .  
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Topics: 20-60 minutes
  1. 100 years in Palestine-Israel from the Balfour Declaration to the marches of return. Make  sense of the 'conflict'.
  2. Jerusalem- layers and narratives. How the archaeology and religion are intertwined with the modern politics.
  3. Peace process? Boycott? suggestions for political 'solutions' and ways forward in Israel Palestine.
  4. Briefing to catch up on current events.
  5. Special requests.
 • from US$65 
Itamar Shapira
Partner, Green Olive Collective

imageItamar's tours focus on the conjunctions of historical narratives and nation-building in the present as well as historical contexts of the land. He leads tours for universities, diplomats, and tourists, searching for common ground for the torn society of this land.

Itamar is also professional Flamenco-guitarist in Israel and abroad. . . .   
Topics: 20-60 minutes
  1. From Jews to Israelis - Political Narratives in Israeli Society.
  2. Jerusalem from Temple to Book - The Creation of the City of Salvation and Eternal Peace in the Abrahamic Religions.
  3. The Broken Vessel of the Peace Process - Realities and Myths
  4. Un-tried Terrorist - Personal account of an ex- IDF soldier.
  5. Briefing to catch up on current events.
  6. Special requests.
• from US$65
Mohammad Barakat
Senior Partner, Green Olive Collective

imageMohammad is in demand as a guide and group leader for delegations from Churches and institutions that support the cause of freedom for the Palestinian people.

He is an expert on the situation on the ground in the more remote areas of the West Bank and maintains strong relationships with villagers and farmers in the Jordan valley region and the south Hebron Hills. 

Topics: 20-60 minutes
  1. The plight of the farmers - The rural narrative of Palestinian society.
  2. South Hebron Hills - The stories of the villagers and farmers
  3. East Jerusalem - Living the Occupation, a personal story
  4. Greater Jerusalem - Of Walls, house demolitions, checkpoints and lockdown.
  5. Briefing to catch up on current events.
  6. Special requests.
 • from US$65
Yamen Elabed
Senior Partner, Green Olive Collective

Yamen manages Green Olive tour guides in the West Bank and has led thousands of people through his famous Banksy Grafitti tour.

A native of Bethlehem (Beit Sahour) he spent many years in Canada before eventually returning home with his wife and children to be with his family. 

As a strong believer in peace, Yamen believes that one person’s voice or action can make a difference!

Topics: 20-40 minutes
  1. Refugee life - Under occupation in Aida Camp. 
  2. Banksy & other Graffiti - In the shadow of the Separation WALL
  3. There's more to Bethlehem than the Nativity Church.
    Daily live under the occupation and the virus.
  4. Briefing to catch up on current events.
  5. Special requests.
 • from US$65

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