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By becoming a member of Green Olive during this COVID-19 crisis, you are helping sustain our Collective of Palestinians and Israelis who are working together for a better future.

This global health crisis is affecting people from all walks of life across the globe. It is a time to come together for the sake of our future and the future of our children. 

Palestine and Israel are now under lockdown. The streets are empty. Like most organisations and businesses, our staff have been ordered to stay home by the authorities on both sides of the Green Line.

Your contribution will help support our Working Members, and their families, and ensure we are still functioning after the crisis is over. Our staff are going on half salary next month and possibly no salary in the months to follow. By expanding our base of supporting members from across the planet, we will be able to ride out this experience and emerge strengthened.

During the past few years almost 250 people from 22 countries have become members of the Green Olive Collective. Will you join them by becoming a Member NOW? Help ensure the Green Olive team remains intact, both to deliver our important message of hope for the future, and to gain member benefits.

Our organisation of Palestinians and Israelis making common cause, opposing oppression, and advocating for a just peace, can be a beacon of hope in a region where hope is in short supply.

Help us achieve this goal. Become a member NOW. 
25 New Members
have joined 

$3,275 Raised
of $25,000 Goal

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Richard Gross



Steven Puzarne

Hans Skotte

Manuela Fugenzi

Olivia Southward

Lucilla Harvey

Hanns-Dietrich Schmidt

Peter Schüle

Stefan Muff

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