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Part 2: Jerusalem Revealed

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This second film of the Homeland Insecurity series, and covers the events of the Nakbah (catastrophe) until the present day; from the conquest of the Western side of the city in 1948 to the conquest of east Jerusalem in 1967, to the construction of the Separation Barrier in the early 2000s. You will learn about the bizarre rules of residency for Palestinians and the ease by which they can be stripped of their right to live in the city. From the suburban settlements to the checkpoints, you'll be gripped by a story of greed, repression and the inexorable tale of the self declared right of one group of people to rule over another.

The complexity of the city's history will be unravelled through the storytelling talent of  Writer/Film Director/Narrator Yahav Zohar, who brings to the project a unique perspective and articulation that lays bare the core of Jerusalem in all it's ultimate simplicity.

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