Green Olive 2019 photography competition entries

Voting for the photography competition is now closed. Thank you to all who entered and to those who voted.

We are counting the votes and will announce a winner soon! Watch this space...

Entry number 1: David Mivasair - House of Love and Peace

Entry number 2: John Isner - The wall separating a Jewish settlement from a Bedouin encampment in the foreground

Entry number 3: Johnny Bgoode6 - Bethlehem, the wall

Entry number 4: Jonathan Tindle

Entry number 5: Ken Toltz - Bagela, bagela, bagela

Entry number 6: Lorrie Sprecher - Ghosts
From behind olive trees, Israeli soldiers emerge like ghosts through the tear gas in Ni’lin.

Entry number 7: Russell Hogg - Friends of the Spring

Entry number 8: Sara Gaffuri

Entry number 9: Stephanie Turner - Overlooking Syria

Entry number 10: Ann-Sophie Deldycke - The door is open
Entry number 11: Ursula Mindemann - Shy Bedoiune girl watching me in the ten

Entry number 12: Asher Hebel - A Jewish settlement overlooking a Palestinian village in the West Bank

Entry number 13: Ivan Di Pucchio - Merry Christmas from occupied Al Khalil

Entry number 14: Jaana Wilson - Stormy clouds at Jaffa January 2019

Entry number 15: Kieran Clarke - Dangerous Curves

Entry number 16: Loredana Foresta - Optimism

Entry number 17: Martin Curley - Mar Saba Monastery

Entry number 18: Mireille Rumeau -
September 2006, in Beit Ummar, north of Al-Khalil/Hebron. A great encounter with a Palestinian leading his sheeps.

Entry number 19: Paul Hemphill - Somewhere by the Jordan River, May 2016

Entry number 20: Hannah Wesley - A moment of reflection in Gaza

Entry number 21: Ilaria Ruzza - Wired Borders Displaced Identity

Entry number 22: Kei Saido - At Dusk in Akka

Entry number 23: Kremena Todorova - Existence

Entry number 24: Sjoerd Theeuwen
Entry number 25: Marco Mastrogiacomo - Bethlehem

Entry number 26: Riccardo De Martini - Jerusalem
Entry number 27: Tobias Roeck - After the storm (an IDF soldier and a protester, wearing a mask against tear gas, after protests in Bethlehem next to the separation wall)

Entry number 28: Sophie Thuillier - Hebron Green Olive Tour 2019
Entry number 29: Luka Winandy - Child in Hebron (picture was taken while doing the Green Olive Tour in Hebron in Feb 2019)

Entry number 30: Angelina Sherdan -
We crossed the ch It was the busiest day for Palestinians visiting Jerusalem for the last days of Ramadan and to go to Al Aqsa Mosque. This experience was very humbling for me. I took this image to capture the real sense of oppression you feel.

Entry number 31: Julia Sorokina - Light (taken in Jerusalem, in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre)
Entry number 32: Shamim R - A Stormy Dusk in Jerusalem
Entry number 33: Stefanie Meier - Bethlehem, The Wall

Entry number 34: Andreas Niggermann - Jerusalem: A peek into the Al-Aqsa Mosque
Entry number 35: Alaina Rachel Hosein - Enlightening day our excellent tour guide

Entry number 36: Rupert Martin - Syrian Orthodox Priest in Jerusalem
Entry number 37: Kirk Starkie - Along the Mediterranean

Entry number 38: Debbie Sawers - Meeting the youth of Palestine
Entry number 39: Andy Clachers - Hebron
Entry number 40: Natalie Larkin - Innocent exploration within an alley in the Old City

Entry number 41: Paul Sheehan - Sea of Galilee
Entry number 42: Meredith Kiraly - The friendliest coffee vendor in Bethlehem

Entry number 43: Barbara Engerer - The Home to My Key
Entry number 44: Kamile Laniauskaite
Entry number 45: Alex Ives - Preparing the olives
Entry number 46: William Postma - Olive harvest in Nablus
Entry number 47: Rogier Caljouw
Entry number 48: Janos Rautonen - Separated
Entry number 49: Lisa Heyl - Market in Hebron
Entry number 50: Jose Maria Cardesin - Playing to Outdo Ourselves Bethlehem

Donkey in Petra
Entry number 51: Jaap van Rijn van Alkemade - Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem

Entry number 52: Roberto Nardini - The Two Sides of Jerusalem
Entry number 53: Helen Althoff - One day is all it takes
Entry number 54: Angelina Bella - Displaced

Entry number 55: Erika Andersson - Palestinian Woman Enjoying the sea in Bat Yam

Entry number 56: Sheila Ford - Oranges and hot sweet tea!
Entry number 57: Leo.M Jeyaraj - Nablus as seen from Olive Soap factory

Entry number 58: Lawrence O'Toole - Bethlehem

Entry number 59: Sarah George - The Scar of Bethlehem/Banksy
Entry number 60: Katia Galbiati - Separation
Entry number 61: Georgia Coker - Looking On
Entry number 62: Doug Barrow - The Old and the New

Entry number 63: Lorraine Lewsey - Palestine Right of Return
Entry number 64: Cathy Durham - Innocent Children
Entry number 65: Cass Cole - Bedouin Donkey Grazing by an Israeli Settlement

Entry number 66: Keith Durham - Two cultures one connection
Entry number 67: Anna Stroja - Jerusalem. Mahane Yehuda. 2018

Entry number 68: Guzele Ivanova
Entry number 69: Katrina Rabinovich - 'The only democracy in the Middle East' (taken in Hebron)
Entry number 70: Pablo Colangelo - Happiness still exists in Palestine
Entry number 71: Chenyun You
Entry number 72: Terry Goldberg - Aida Refugee Camp gate, Bethlehem

Entry number 73: Gershon Engel
A man emerging at sunset from an Aincient Jewish ritual bath (Mikvah, a cognate of Tikvah, hebrew for hope)in the settlement of Otniel. As he ascends from the depths, he gazes into the distant villages and settlements around him, and ponders the future.
Entry number 74: Theresa Rooney (c)

Entry number 75: Pat Kazakoff - Americans and internationals at Sorel program - army base.
Entry number 76: Jean-Michel Hauteville - On the rooftops of the Old City of Jerusalem after a snow storm
Entry number 77: Pablo Falo What wall ? , PEACE [paraphrasing]
Entry number 78: Sonia Leota - My ISRAA 2016
Entry number 79: Angela Brown - Shopkeeper in Old City, Hebron

Entry number 80: Sandra Ceas - Whitewashing

Entry number 81: Olivia Low - Vibrant souk in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City in Jerusalem

Entry number 82: Sara Alberghini
Entry number 83: Elizabeth Marriett - Sabr
Entry number 84: Olivia Southward - Woman Selling Grapes in East Jerusalem
She kept them hidden in a plastic bag. Obviously had no license to sell. She had a lovely expression.
Entry number 85: Nico Boss - Jerusalem, East and Mount of Olives
Entry number 86: Hege Verweyen - Nazareth, Santa All Year
Entry number 87: Peggy Peryam - Bethlehem, Star Street now


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