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Palestinians Can

 - by M. Pessemier - Poland

Years ago, my wife and I occasionally worked in a Paris restaurant. One evening, a diner entered carrying an odd-shaped case containing a stringed instrument. On asking, we learned that this was a typical Syrian instrument specially made for him in Palestine. In response, the man pulled out the mandolin-shaped form and began to play music from his region. The restaurant stopped to listen enthralled.
Thinking back on the moment, I sense a potential for positive platforms of sharing—including blogs, music and art. Forget disseminating negative thoughts. Let people know what good ideas and vibes are happening in Palestine. Focus on getting these, plus art, fashion and music, out to the world at large, and then build a collective consciousness. Like the power of prayers, one shouldn’t discount affects continuous persuasive techniques can have. Each contact of love can lead to another. If your countrymen reach out to others, who tell others, they extend the magic and humanity of Palestine.
Palestinian people are gifted, capable, and competent, but being a little country in a big world is not an easy position. What is clear, you can’t compete with surrounding countries for money or might. What steps are possible to take? Palestinian people possess existing Muslim and Christian religious cultures based on the philosophy of, “turn the other cheek,” and “the power of love.” Why not use this fundamental answer?
If you do NOT threaten your neighbors, over time, if others know you are being persecuted, they will stand by your side. Roadblocks to success happen in setting off to a battle you cannot win—ramping up violence with more violence. Take from the Judo fundamental, where you gently give way, using the force from a challenge to succeed.
Think about establishing an electronic Palestinian currency. One used by Palestinians, and those who want to help Palestine. Do not compete with existing structures. Start something new. Ask outsiders for help. This does not have to be monetary in nature, it could function with barter. Let this new system rout out corruption which holds you back.
Welcome those with talents or strong backs to help build water desalination plants and power sources that work on a small scale. Centralized sources can always be attacked and often are subject to massive failures. Use little groups for policy decisions and education options. Thinking small in the end pays big dividends, and you are more flexible.
The great asset you have as a country is youth. Young minds are quick and the bodies they inhabit strong enough for long struggles. Use that hot young energy, but also the cool wisdom and culture gained by elders who have suffered and learned tough lessons, building experience and character. It is not enough to just construct new. Without a sense of history and the past, what you create is hollow and empty.
I have no doubt the Palestine people can succeed in the world. What is important now is to get the rest of the world to listen to your beautiful music.


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