2019 writing competition - semi-finalists

We are very happy to announce the semi-finalists for this year's Green Olive writing competition. It humbling to see how many of you in the Green Olive community took the time to write in and we thoroughly enjoyed reading all the entries.

In the end we selected 16 semi-finalists. Now it is your job to decide the winners. Please share this page among your friends and family and encourage them to vote!

Then the top five articles will be read by our celebrity judge Gershon Baskin and the selection made for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. $600 in prizes!!

The 16 semi-finalists are:

➡︎ The Interview • C.K., Japan

How to reap apples • Mahmoud Hamarsheh, Palestine

➡︎ Palestinians can • M. Pessemier

A Night in Wadi Hummus • Faryn Borella, USA

Encounters • Jim Minton, United Kingdom

➡︎ 2 sides of the coin • Leo M Jeyaraj, Canada

➡︎ Holy Land, Damned Land • Ilaria Ruzza, Italy

➡︎ Two postcards from the Walls • Donata Lorenzetti, Italy

➡︎ This entry will not win • Nofel Nawras, UK

➡︎ Run • Hannah Redekop, Canada

➡︎ "Exile Is So Strong Within Me, I May Bring It To The Land" • Zi Hui Idelle Yee, Singapore

➡︎ An Earthian in Palestine • Amber Johansen, UK

➡︎ Reflections on my Trip to Israel/Palestine • Dorit Miles, USA/Israel

One land, divided • Kirsty LG, Palestine

Knowing Becomes Understanding: 8 Days in Occupied Palestine • Christa Christaki, Australia

I Found Myself In Palestine • Khadija Jones, UK


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