Israel Orders Demolition of Entire West Bank Bedouin Village

 - by Yotam Berger - first published in Haaretz - 

In a rare occurrence, the IDF’s Civil Administration in the West Bank on Sunday distributed some 40 demolition orders in a Bedouin village in Area C, which is under full Israeli civil and military control.

Demolition of a Bedouin home in El Araqib (Negev Desert)
2010 file photo
A few hundred people live in temporary structures without any infrastructure in the Bedouin encampment of Khan al-Ahmar, just east of the settlement of Ma’aleh Adumim. Among the buildings at the site is the “Tire School,” built of worn-out tires, which is used by students from a number of illegal villages in the area.
The structures in the village were built without permits, but the Civil Administration has avoided demolishing them or evacuating the entire village, despite political pressure to do so.

Residents say the issuing of dozens of demolition orders is unprecedented in the area. “All the houses received [demolition] orders,” A’id Khamis Jahalin, a local resident, told Haaretz. “I’m scared. This time is different. Then they gave one [demolition order] or two, but such a blow, it’s something. They gave 42 orders. They gave for everything, there are no structures here in all the area that didn’t receive an order. I spoke with our lawyer, they gave us up to five days [to object], that’s a short time,” said Jahalin.

A Green Olive Delegation delivering needed solar lights
to the Jahalin Bedouin. > > > more details
Israeli authorities confirmed that such a widespread issuance of demolition orders was unprecedented in the area, and this is a declaration of intention in advance of an attempt to evacuate the entire village.
In the past, the Civil Administration has offered residents to move to a permanent location, which the residents say does not meet their needs in terms of Bedouin lifestyle, amount of land and proximity to other Bedouin tribes. The government has avoided any large-scale evacuation of Palestinians in Area C, partly because of the involvement of European and American diplomats.

The Bedouins living in Area C near Ma’aleh Adumim endure harsh conditions and poverty, and the EU has often provided structures in their villages. These buildings have been put up illegally, but the EU makes sure to put a large sticker with the EU flag on all of them. The Civil Administration sometimes removes these structures. The Tire School was built in 2009 by an Italian NGO, and has since become a symbol for the Bedouins in the region.

Last week, the State Prosecutor’s Office informed the High Court of Justice in two cases that the government wanted to postpone the sessions on the demolition of structures in the Bedouin community in the West Bank, in light of the attempts to formulate a new policy on the matter.

Editorial from Green Olive - The Green Olive Collective has been raising funds and distributing solar lamps to the Jahalin Bedouin who live off the grid in the Judean (Jerusalem) Desert. Their Jewish neighbors live in the beautiful suburban town of Ma'ale Adumim with all modern conveniences which the local Bedouin are denied basic services and have their homes demolished by the Israeli authorities. Here's what you can do:

  1. Write a letter to your nearest Israeli Embassy protesting the inhumane treatment of the Bedouin (suggested text below)
  2. Help the Bedouin by donating solar lamps, or buy one for yourself and we'll donate one in your name. > > More Details here > >
Sample Letter:

To the Israeli Embassy
Re: Demolishing Bedouin Homes

It was with great dismay that I learned that on Sunday 19th February, the Civil Administration of Judea and Samaria issued demolition orders to all the homes of the Bedouin Village of Khan al-Ahmar, near Ma’aleh Adumim in the Judean Desert, East of Jerusalem.

The Jahalin Bedouin are living in an area that is traditional for their tribe, and it is outrageous that the Israeli government should seek to move them in order to facilitate the growth of all-Jewish settlements.

Israel claims to be a democracy yet discriminates between residents based on their religion. The Bedouin human rights are being violated and this needs to stop. Please pass this letter to the appropriate authorities.

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