Fred & Sunita's 2015 Biking Adventure

Best equipment used on the trip

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After 2 years of planning, our 6-month, 10,000 kilometer biking adventure began in May, 2015. Parenting never ends, but our son and daughter were launched towards independent adulthood and, as yet, no grandchildren in sight. So this was our chance to take a well-earned sabbatical from 'normal life', do something different and exciting, get healthy, and raise money for worthy projects.

In addition to posting on this blog, our trip has ongoing updates on FaceBook so please view Fred's Facebook at this link, or Sunita's FaceBook at this link. - Lots of pix and stories.

Fred spent the past 2 years broadening out the ownership of the Green Olive Collective, and so has been able to leave the day-to-day operation in good hands. Fred continues to work on the road and manage the websites, marketing, and finances of the company.

Sunita has passed on most of her teaching and performing to colleagues and will be devoting herself to arranging more music for her publisher. During the trip she will also fly to the USA as a teacher and performer at the Somerset Folk Harp Festival, and perform and teach during the ride through Europe. You’ll note the harp on a trailer in the photo at the top of the page.

Many of you are familiar with Fred’s social justice work, and/or Sunita’s charitable activities and her Therapeutic harp work.

They have combined interests for this trip and offer three worthy projects for your support.
  1. Provide Bedouin villagers who live off the grid with a solar light for their home.
  2. Help young women from Balata Refugee Camp in Nablus gain a higher education through a University Scholarship.
  3. Empower women through support of a project near Jericho that brings together Israeli and Palestinian women to learn from each other, and gain the support and encouragement that comes from joint activities. 
  4. Support Sunita’s new harp program at the Arab/Jewish Community Centre in Jaffa that aims to bring together Arab and Jewish children and adults for group lessons and social development through music.
To read more about each project click one of the links below. 

Scroll down for the most recent update about the trip.


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