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We pay for all articles accepted.

Please take a good look through the blog before responding. Our articles are intended to deepen the understanding of visitors to the country, and also be interesting for people who are “armchair tourists” or just doing some research on the internet. .

Articles should be original and short. 6-800 words

Appropriate general topics:
- Cultural quirks from Palestinian or Israeli society
_ Minorities within Palestinian or Israeli society
_ Injustices within Palestinian or Israeli societies (no diatribes, but reasoned critical analysis.)

Specific topics
- Bedouin issues in Palestine (West Bank)
- Bedouin issues in Israel
- Changing geography of Palestine/Israel
- Commentary and analysis of current events
_ Roots of Palestinian identity
- Roots of Jewish Identity
- Roots of Arab identity
- Roots of Israeli Identity
- Historical geography of Palestine
- Historical geography of Israel

Articles should be easy to read, literate, informative, and factual. Footnotes are encouraged where appropriate. Be creative. Articles can also be fun to read. A bit of humor goes a long way in communicating ideas or information.

Include one or two images if possible,  with appropriate citations. In other words, if you did not take the photo, we need to know the source.

Copy and paste the text of your article, into the email.  If you have images to accompany the article, please indicate in the text of your email. We will request the image if your article is accepted. If the image is online, then send the URL.

All applications accompanied by a sample article will be considered and receive a response. Please do not apply unless you send a sample article.

To apply to become an author, please click here, or the contact link on the top menu. Include a brief bio, or a link to a bio online. You MUST send a sample article to be considered. The sample should be original, and suitable content and length for this blog. All submissions will receive a response.

The Green Olive Team


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