A Harp for Yasmin

Yasmin Gebara is blind from birth and lives in the village of Salem, just to the east of Nablus in the middle of the West Bank. She graduated college in 2010 with a major in English literature, and writes poetry in English which you can read at this link. Yasmin's father was murdered in 2004 and her mother Muna has been raising six children.

Harpist Sunita Staneslow is the wife of Green Olive Tours Director, Fred Schlomka. She is a world class musician, performing and teaching in the USA, Canada, Europe, Palestine & Israel. She also works one day a week as a therapeutic musician at a hospital.

Through the cooperation of the Villages Group, an Israeli/Palestinian peace group, Sunita and colleague Park Stickney (USA/Switzerland) visited the music program in Salem where Park conducted a children's workshop. Yasmin attended the event and just loved the harp. She explored the instrument by touch with Sunita's help.

Sunita made a commitment to help raise funds and buy Yasmin a harp. A wide-ranging network of harpists in Israel, Europe and the USA have already contributed. In addition Sunita pledges to visit Salem twice a month and provide lessons. The harp selected is the new 34-string Celtic harp made by Peter at Woodsong Instruments in the Galilee. The harp costs 10,800 shekels, approximately $2,850.

Please donate what you can to help provide Yasmin with a harp. Donations will contribute to the cost of the harp and help defray the teaching expenses. Donations are not tax-deductable.

US$ - Make Donations Here

Euro - Make Donations Here

₪ Shekel - Make Donations Here


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