Mousa Abu Maria Speaking Tour

Village of Beit Ummar

Mousa Abu Maria has finally been granted permission to exit the Israeli-Occupied West Bank and is now on a speaking tour in France and Belgium with his wife Bekah. Mousa spent many years in Israeli jails and now is a leader of the Palestine Solidarity Project (PSP) in the village of Beit Sahour, between Bethlehem and Hebron in the Gush Etzion settlement block.

The PSP organizes weekly protests against the Occupation and encroachment by settlements on farmers' land near Beit Ummar. Mousa and Bekah also host individuals and groups for tours and multi-day programs in Beit Ummar.

For the first time, Mousa and Bekah, co-founders of PSP and married couple, will be on a speaking tour. Current cities in France and Belgium are listed below:

Sunday 3/20 Arrive in Paris
Monday 3/21: Go to Caen (Normandy)
Tuesday 3/22: St. Lo
Wednesday 3/23: Caen
Thursday 3/24: Alencon
Friday 3/25: Relax in Normandy
Saturday 3/26: Roubaix
Sunday 3/27: Brussels
Monday 3/28: Brussels
Tuesday 3/29: Montreuil Bagnolet (near Paris, I think)
Wednesday 3/30: Paris (Rafeef and Bekah leave)
Thursday 3/31: Paris
Friday 4/1: Montelimer
Saturday 4/2: Manosque
Sunday 4/3: Marseille
Monday 4/4: Marseille
Tuesday 4/5: Nimes
Wednesday 4/6: Ales
Thursday 4/7: Lyon
Friday 4/8: Lyon
Saturday 4/9:
Sunday 4/10: Paris
Monday 4/11: Leave

for more information, please email Erik Laloy:
We are considering adding more countries at the end, please email for more information and be sure you are signed up for our email announcement list to get up-to-date information.


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  1. Trying, from scratch, to book a guided trip to Israel/Palestine/Bethlehem for myself in April or May 2011. I live in Melbourne, FL, am 70 years old and am open to suggestions... will join a small group

  2. Looking for contacts/agents to plan an April/May tour to the Holy Land...I am (un-biased)Christian and would also like to visit other sites in the region. Personal comments are welcome.


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