Israel Attacks Gaza - Travel & Security

It's hardly the time to be advocating tourism to Palestine and Israel when dozens are being killed daily in Gaza. Please download and distribute the flyer on the left.
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I won't elaborate on the Gaza situation other than to say that I fully endorse the message on the flyer.

However this is an important time for people to visit and see for themselves what's going on here.

Despite the Israeli attacks in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank remains relatively quiet. Although there have been some individuals canceling their tour reservations, we are continuing the schedule and groups leave daily for various parts of Palestine. I am actually a bit surprised at the numbers of people who are still willing to travel. Yesterday I took a group of six to Nablus, where my guide Majde took them to the Balata Refugee Camp and the Old City. However unfortunately it was not possible to see the Samaritan village on Mount Grizim due to security restrictions.

Security in the West Bank is still good for international visitors, especially when escorted by a Palestinian guide. There have been sporadic demonstrations by Palestinians which have barely been tolerated by the Palestinian police. Any public support for Hamas has been suppressed. Our office keeps track of the security situation and will modify or cancel tours as the situation dictates. So far no tours have been canceled.

Please pray for all the people who are in harms way due to the Israeli attacks on Gaza.


Tell your friends. Help spread the word . . . .

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  1. hello is there any travel advisory's to the middle east ? is there anything to be warned about ?


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