Holy Land Tours

Fred Schlomka
A recent article in one of Israel's leading newspapers, Ha'aretz, was written like a tourist industry press release touting the Israeli Government's opening of the Jordan River site where Christians believe that Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist. However the site remains under Israel's Military Occupation and any economic benefit from pilgrim visits should enhance the Palestinian economy rather than Israel.

While Christian pilgrims on Holy Land Tours should have unfettered access to religious sites, perhaps they should also consider the political ramifications of their visit. By booking tours with mainstream Israeli tour agencies  rather than Palestinian companies they are directly supporting the ongoing Occupation of theWest Bank and Israel's continuing annexation of Palestinian land. There are many professional Palestinian tour agencies, that would be happy to organize Holy Land Tours. Tours In English is one of the few Israeli companies that operates in partnership with Palestinian counterparts, whereas the vast majority of Israeli tour companies exclude them.

There are also many advantages to basing a tour in Palestinian hotels in Jerusalem or Bethlehem. When Holy Land Tours are hosted within Christian communities in Palestine the overall experience is enhanced through being embedded within the living tradition.

Any Holy Land Tour has political overtones regardless of the intention of the pilgrims. The choice of tour agencies, the choice of hotels, the choice of restaurants and gift buying locations support either the Israeli Occupation or the Palestinian people. It's up to you to make an informed choice.


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  1. Will Palestinians be able to visit this site with foreign visitors? Or is it similar to the Dead Sea, where they are not permitted to pass through the check point? Or would only an Arab Israeli be allowed through?
    I am a Canadian that would like to visit the Jordan River.

    Thanks for any info you have.

  2. It is amazing what Israel gets away with.Perhaps it is due to the power of a very well oiled propaganda machine which deceives the world.
    An ex Israeli living for many years in Canada.

  3. It would have been good if "tours in English" could be more known in North America, for to get more of the truth.

    An ex Israeli living in Canada for many years.


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