New Ramallah Tour

The New Ramallah Walking Tour and cultural evening begins next Thursday and will enable visitors to soak up some of the exciting downtown attractions of Ramallah. Despite the ongoing Occupation of Palestinian lands, Ramallah is a thriving and exciting place. The tour will pass through the fortress-like Kalandia Checkpoint dividing Jerusalem from Ramallah, visit some of the famous landmarks, meet Palestinian professionals and visit with a local NGO.

Led by vetern tour leader Tamer Halaseh, visitors will learn about life under Occupation while meeting Palestinians who have found a way to cope with the pressures through celebrating their city and building meaningful lifestyles. Tamer is full of surprises and often invites friends to join the group at various points along the way. Dinner is an important part of the day and gives everyone a chance to relax in a friendly atmosphere while enjoying a traditional meal.


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