Taybeh Brewery OKTOBERFEST

Press release by the Taybeh Brewery:

Greetings from Taybeh! My husband, the Mayor of Taybeh, David C. Khoury and of all of our local civic organizations ask that you save the dates of Saturday and Sunday, October 11 and 12, 2008 for the 4th Annual Taybeh Oktoberfest With the opening celebration at 11:00 am Oct 11th at the Taybeh Municipality.

Come enjoy a day of fun and support our Taybeh products Thanks for marking your calendar and sharing the announcement with others

Have a good day,
Dr. Maria C. Khoury
Festival Coordinator

The Taybeh Brewery, just north of Jerusalem, was established in 1995 by the Khoury family and produces fine beers on a par with the best microbreweries in Europe and the USA. Taybeh, a Christian Palestinian village, is also famous for its handmade olive oil soap.

ToursInEnglish.com will be running tours from Jerusalem on both days of the Oktoberfest and reservations can be made online. Don't miss this great event!


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