Renaissance in Ramallah

Fred Schlomka
Ramallah, in contrast to East Jerusalem's decline, has become the center of Palestinian Arab culture and economic growth. With investments from the Gulf States, and a renewed cash flow in the Palestinian Authority, the city is experiencing a construction boom, and cultural renaissance.

The Palestinian Authority has 30,000 new affordable housing units planned during the next five years and the government of Qatar is investing $350,000 in the West Bank's first planned new community. Things are looking up!

From the Pronto Cafe to the Café de la Paix, Rammallah's residents are stepping out and enjoying life, in contrast to the rest of the West Bank which is mostly mired in poverty.

Ramallah has over 2,000 international residents which gives the city a cosmopolitan flair. Tourists can be seen again on the streets and the city's hotels are on the rebound.

Come and visit. You won't be disappointed. Spending time in one of the Middle East's most educated and sophisticated Arab populations is a real eye-opener. English is widely spoken and visitors receive a warm welcome.


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