Pilot Tour to Jenin and the Freedom Theatre

Fred Schlomka
A private client was conducted yesterday on a tour of Jenin and visited the refugee camp and the Freedom Theatre. This is the first of many tours to Jenin which will be offered by ToursInEnglish.com on a weekly basis beginning in August.

Using the arts as a model for social change, The Freedom Theatre is developing the only professional venue for theatre and arts in the north of the Occupied Palestinian Territories. The aim of this project is to empower and give voice to the children of Jenin Refugee Camp through a unique programme of workshops and activities in theatre, supporting arts and multi-media, ranging in their emphasis from the largely therapeutic and healing, to the presentation of high-quality artistic products.

Planning for weekly tours is underway. In addition to visiting the Freedom Theatre and the Jenin Refugee Camp, the tour will make stops in Nablus, Sabastia, and the Burqin Church - one of the oldest Christian holy sites. The tour will depart from Jerusalem and last a very full day.

ToursInEnglish.com is proud to support the Freedom Theatre and will make a donation of at least $100 every time a group visits the theatre. Their work is essential in helping rehabilitate the traumitized children of the refugee camp and channeling their anger while keeping alive their spirit and determination to end the Occupation and liberate the people of Palestine.


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