Hebron Tour creates profound impact

Fred Schlomka
I received an email from a visitor who took the Hebron Tour a couple of weeks ago which said in part: "This tour was one of the most profound experiences of my life. It changed my outlook completely on Israel/Palestine issues"

It's always gratifying when someone takes the time to let me know how they felt about a tour, and even better when they have a life-changing experience.

Most of Hebron is a vibrant and lively city but the contrast between the Palestinian sector and the area surrounding the Israeli settlers is quite remarkable. The entire neghborhood around the Ibrahimi Mosque is a virtual ghost town populated by Israeli soldiers and settlers, and the few Palestinians who have been permitted to remain in their homes and shops. Wire netting hangs over the streets to protect the Palestinian passersby from the stones and debris hurled down from the window's of the settler's homes.

Witnessing this stark and sad situation, and listening to the Palestinian shopkeepers stories of harrassment and beatings by settlers, the inaction of the military to protect them, and the general deterioration of their lives, is enough to make anyone depressed - or spur them to action to try and help. Some of the participants on these tours write to me of becomming involved in peace & justice groups back in their home countries, or of a plan to return and learn more.

This is part if the mission of toursinenglish.com, to provide experiential education for those wanting to learn more about the conflict in Palestine and Israel. The Hebron Tour does that in a manner that most people find very meaningful.


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