2019 Writing Competition entries

Presenting the 2019 Writing Competition entries.

Please note: these entries are in no particular order. Learn about the competition and the prizes here! We hope you enjoy them.

 ➡︎ The Interview • C.K., Japan

 ➡︎ Encounters in the Holy Land • Sue Beardon, USA

➡︎ Reflections on my Trip to Israel/Palestine • Dorit Miles, USA/Israel

➡︎ Mary Goes to Jerusalem • Mary Niesluchowska, Poland

➡︎ How to reap apples • Mahmoud Hamarsheh, Palestine

➡︎ One land, divided • Kirsty LG, Palestine

➡︎ The Entrance for Israel's Citizens is Forbidden: Dangerous to your Lives • Jose Maria Cardesin, Spain

➡︎ Palestinians can • M. Pessemier

➡︎ No Peace Under the Olive Tree • Anna Walczyk, Poland

➡︎ Holy Land, Damned Land • Ilana Ruzza, Italy

➡︎ A Night in Wadi Hummus • Faryn Borella, USA

➡︎ Encounters • Jim Minton, United Kingdom

➡︎ 2 sides of the coin • Leo M Jeyaraj, Canada

➡︎ Two postcards from the Walls • Donata Lorenzetti, Italy

➡︎ Olives and Occupation • Lesley Mannering, Australia



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