Crowdfunding Countdown - Post 1

- by Fred Schlomka -

It was about a year ago that the Green Olive Team decided to go the Crowdfunding route in order to raise capital for growth. It made more sense to us to take our proposal to our customers and supporters, rather than go to the banks or professional investors. After all, our success is due to our customers support, as has been evident by not only our sales growth, but by our membership growth over the past few years.

Green Olive now has over 170 members from dozens of countries, including over 50 people who
already own shares in the Collective. Our goal is to broaden the ownership even more, adding to our stakeholders while raising money for our next stage of development.

It's an exciting time for us, and we invite you to share the feeling and come on board. Sign up below for more information. No commitment is required at this time.

2017 was our best year, until now. 2018 was even better, with new tours and greater numbers of people experiencing Israel and Palestine the Green Olive way. Despite political troubles in the US, Europe and the Middle East, there is still a great thirst for a deeper understanding of the complex political geography that Green Olive excels in interpreting for our guests.

Our mission remains the same. Our steadfastness is unwavering. Our resolve is undiminished. Green Olive remains the only Israeli/Palestinian Partnership that has levelled the playing field between Arabs and Jews we work with on both sides of the Green Line. Our nine Working Partners come from Beit Sahour, East and West Jerusalem, Jaffa and Tel Aviv. We stand together in opposition to the Israeli Occupation, and through our tours we advocate for a just and durable peace between the Christians, Muslims and Jews of the Holy Land.

Many of us are political activists, and have chosen a professional and business activity that dovetails neatly with our worldview. We are proudly a social enterprise. Join us in this adventure and help strengthen our organisation by becoming part of our broader family of supporters. Invest in the future. Buy some shares. Support our work. Help strengthen the vanguard of democracy in the region. We do not promise to make you rich, but your money will be safe, and the shares will continue to grow in value. We have 12 years of experience and steady growth to back up this pledge.

Please sign up below to be among the first to hear when the share offering opens in 6-8 weeks. Those of you who buy shares within the first 5 days of the offering, will receive substantial rewards as a token of our gratitude.
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